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Parking and Medication Forms

Parking Permits and Senior Parking Spots

Vehicle registration and parking permits are required to park at CSHS. Parking permits are $5 and available to students by filling out the ‘Cedar Springs High School Parking Permit Application’ and returning it to the main office during business hours.

Seniors have the opportunity to paint their parking spots!

Seniors are emailed information to fill out the reservation request form and submit a sketch of their spot to be approved prior to the start of school. Seniors then get to attend a painting day to paint their spot prior to the start of the year!

Parking Permit Request

Medication/Treatment and Consent

If your student requires treatments and/or medication to be administered during school hours, parents must fill out the ‘Medication/Treatment Consent Form’.

Please Note: “Medication” refers to any prescription, non-prescription, homeopathic, herbal, vitamin, or mineral preparation. Medication forms must be submitted each year.

Medication and Treatment Consent Form