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SAT, PSAT 9 & 10, and M-Step Tests

The SAT and PSAT are critical examinations for high school students, serving as key benchmarks in the college admissions process. The SAT is typically taken by juniors and seniors, playing a pivotal role in university applications and scholarship opportunities. It assesses students' proficiency in reading, writing, and math. The PSAT, often taken by sophomores and juniors, not only prepares students for the SAT but also qualifies juniors for the National Merit Scholarship Program. These tests are essential tools for students to demonstrate their academic capabilities to colleges and universities, aiding in their post-secondary educational journey. 

State testing is a mandatory requirement for graduation at Cedar Springs High School. To fulfill this requirement, all juniors must complete all three sections of the Michigan Merit Exam. Should a junior miss any part of the SAT, WorkKeys, or M-STEP, they will need to retake all three tests during their senior year. Thus, it's crucial for juniors to attend these exams to avoid retaking them. We encourage students to take these tests seriously and offer resources to help them prepare effectively, ensuring they can achieve their best possible scores.

Students also have the option to register independently for the SAT at various locations statewide. For more information on test dates, locations, and registration, please visit the COLLEGEBOARD website.