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Cedar Springs High School follows the Michigan Merit Curriculum Graduation Requirements.  Our curriculum guide at Cedar Springs High Schools offers a wide variety of courses available to students to reach these graduation requirements. 

Our curriculum also has additional electives and programs available to students who wish to excel in advance placement and college courses while attending CSHS.

We are here to help each student succeed to the best of their availability. 

Our guidance counselors are available to help with scheduling and additional questions. 

High school students in our television production course spent hours planning, and preparing, to film the CSHS Lip Dub 2023!

A lip dub is a music video that combines lip-syncing and audio dubbing and is filmed in a single unedited shot. Students in TV production coordinated every movement. They created a vision, edited audio, made sure 'extras' knew their timing, planned their route for a continuous film... and so much more!

This is just a small showcase of what our extracurricular courses allow our students to grow and help them find their passion for their future careers!