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Striving for Sustainability at Cedar Springs High School

This year, students from Cedar Springs High School are partnering with the nonprofit Tree-Plenish to help make their community more sustainable. They plan to plant 1615 saplings on May 11, 2024, to offset their school’s energy consumption from the past academic year.

Tree-Plenish mentors students through a step-by-step process to achieve their ultimate goal: hosting their tree-planting event to help offset the carbon their school emits in an academic year. With the help of Tree-Plenish, students calculate their school’s energy consumption to determine their sapling goal. To reach their goal number of saplings, students rely on residents of the community to order saplings to be planted by volunteers in their yards.

Throughout the fall and early winter, students from Cedar Springs High School have been planning their tree-planting event. They are now starting to market their event to the community, intending to get residents to order a sapling to be planted in their yard on the day of the event. Students will also reach out to their community to recruit volunteers to help plant saplings on the day of the event. These events are a perfect opportunity for members of the community to connect and think about sustainability in their community.

Residents of the community can help support the event starting now! They can order a sapling to be planted in their yard or sign up to volunteer to plant saplings on the day of the event. Saplings are $5 and residents can choose between American Sycamore, Colorado Spruce, and Sugar Maple saplings. The more residents that request saplings, the faster the students can reach their goal. If residents are unable to order a sapling or volunteer their time, they can also make a monetary contribution to the Tree-Plenish website to help support future tree-planting events.

Tree-Plenish is a student-led 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of empowering students to create a more sustainable and equitable future through community tree-planting. Together with students from Cedar Springs High School, Tree-Plenish hopes to drive Cedar Springs toward a sustainable future.

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