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Bus Route Changes 9.18.23

Dear Parents:

As most of you are aware, there continues to be a shortage of workers in almost all job fields. The worker shortage has affected school systems across the country, especially in regard to school bus drivers. Cedar Springs Public Schools has been fortunate up to this point that we have been able to operate our transportation operations in a fairly stable manner. Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where it is necessary to adjust our bus routes again due to a lack of school bus

While we fully understand that changes to bussing schedules are never convenient, especially during the school year, we have no other option but to reduce the number of bus routes that we are currently operating. To continue to have bus routes in place without having the school bus drivers to operate those buses, would create inconvenient circumstances with little or no notice being able to be provided to parents and students when the cancellation of bus routes would be necessary.

Beginning September 18, 2023, two secondary tier bus routes (6th grade -12th grade) and two elementary tier bus routes (K- 5th grade) are being eliminated. The students currently assigned to the routes that were eliminated are being reassigned to other bus routes. At this time, we are able to continue to provide all students with Transportation services available to them. With these changes, you and your student(s) can expect to see changes in bus numbers, bus routes, pick-up and drop-off times, and the number of children assigned to each bus. Absorbing all of the students that were on the eliminated routes will increase the number of students on each bus. None of our bus routes will ever transport more students than the legally rated capacity of the bus they are assigned to.

In order to ensure that all students have the correct bus information that will begin on September 18, 2023, you may be getting this letter even if your student's bussing is not affected by any changes. Please check the top of this letter for the correct bus information which will begin on September 18, 2023. Please remember to have your children at the bus stop, in full view of the bus driver, 5 minutes before the listed pick-up time.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may create for your family. We assure you however that these reductions are necessary to continue to provide transportation services for all of the students who require bus transportation service. It is our goal to reinstate cut bus routes as soon as bus driver staffing issues improve.

If you have any questions regarding your child's bussing, please feel free to contact the Transportation Office at (616) 696-1450.

Cedar Springs Public Schools Transportation Department Staff - Dean Transportation

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