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High School Students Honored by College Board

We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our students who have been honored by the College Board through one of their National Recognition Programs. This esteemed acknowledgment serves as a significant commendation of the academic accomplishments of students from rural or small-town backgrounds, as well as those who are African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous/Native American, and, starting in 2024, first-generation college students.

National African American Recognition Program Recipients:
Adrianna Newhof and Lindsey Washington

National First-Generation Recognition Program Recipients:
Alyssa Balcam, Paige Cook, Shannon Janes, Gavin Kirkwood, Emily Kutchuk, Ryan Ladd, Caleb Lemasters, Kailyn O'Dowd, Allison Scott, Elijah Shaw, Kailynn Skinner, Aydan Slater, Alexis Tharp, Hunter Torrey, Benjamin Twiss, Gillian VanSweden, and Quinten Wright

National Hispanic Recognition Program Recipients:
Caleb Lemasters, Kaelan Miller, and Emma Tol

National Rural and Small Town Recognition Program Recipients:
Austin Alcumbrack, Sophia Alvarez, Addison Amell, Alyssa Balcam, Quinton Bell, Adeline Bender, Audrey Campbell, Brooklyn Carlton, Caleb Christie, Avery Colombo, Ayden Cook, Paige Cook, Olivia Cox, Sara Donaldson, Morgan Duddles, Isaac Fraam, Logan Friskey, Kayne Guiles, Cameryn Hess, Thomas Hilbert, Gavin Hutton, Gavin Kirkwood, Emily Kutchuk, Caleb Lemasters, Kaisa Maki, Evan Mattson, Marcus McCarty, Kaelan Miller, Neil Myers, Kendra O'Brien, Kailyn O'Dowd, Kathryn Pellerito, Thomas Prins, Abigail Radebach, Abby Radebach, Aavra Relich, Jadyn Reynolds, Allison Scott, Chloe Shadley, Elijah Shaw, Makayla Slagel, Aydan Slater, Michael Stevens, Sabrina Tabor, Alexis Tharp, Emma Tol, Hunter Torrey, Benjamin Twiss, Gillian VanSweden, Ian VanderLugt, Dominic Vanderhyde, Madison Viau

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