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Kent Career Tech Center

Kent Career Tech Center

Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC) prepares you for your future career and helps you get the education needed. College, certifications, internship, apprenticeship, technical training, and a rewarding career are what KCTC prepares you for - all while you're still in high school. 


KCTC allows you to learn in a professional environment that prepares you for the workplace. If you want to learn valuable skills, explore careers, make business connections, earn college and high school credit, take a moment to explore what opportunities KTCT gives.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment for KCTC is open from February 12 to March 14 at 4 p.m. Please review the steps below to complete your enrollment. If you run into questions, please follow up with your assigned counselor.

  1. If you didn't attend the lunch meeting, please watch the 'KCTC Enrollment Process' video before completing the enrollment form.
  2. Review the KCTC Enrollment Information/Timeline to understand important dates, and what you need to be prepared before completing the enrollment.
  3. Complete the KCTC Online Enrollment form to submit your enrollment request.

Criminal Justice Applicants: Please be sure to take special note of the Criminal Justice Application information. You will have an additional application that is due March 5.

Main Campus

Kent Career Tech Center Main Campus (1655 East Beltline, Grand Rapids MI) is located west of the East Beltline and Knapp Street intersection, just north of Leonard Street.

KTCT Schedule

1st Session

  • 6:55 a.m.-9:10 a.m.  (CSHS Busing 6:05 a.m.-9:47 a.m.) 
  • Return in time for 3rd Hour

3rd Session

  • 12:00 p.m.-2:15p.m. (CSHS Busing 11:10 a.m.-2:50p.m.) 
  • Includes Lunch

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