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College Testing

SAT/ACT Testing

The ACT and SAT are standardized tests taken, in which the final score is used for college applications/admissions. 
Early and regular assessment of student progress toward college and career readiness enables school and district leaders to measure the growth of individual students as well as groups of students. 



The SAT takes three hours and consists of three tests: (1) the Reading Test, (2) the Writing and Language Test, and (3) the Math Test. Compared to the ACT®, the SAT provides 43% more time per question.

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Taking the ACT test can increase your chances of earning new or better scholarships. One counselor found that over 10 years, more of her students earned more scholarship dollars with ACT scores than SAT scores.

Colleges use ACT scores to place you in the right classes at the right level. And, your ACT score can help you place out of remedial coursework rather than sitting for additional placement tests on campus — saving time and money! 
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