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College and Career Advising
The college and career process can be complicated and confusing. The Cedar Springs High School Guidance Department is here to help navigate any questions you may have.  
We communicate scholarship, career exploration, and college experience information throughout the year in emails, announcements, website, and social media.  
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Planing on how to pay for college before you start is a big part of preparing for college. There is a variety of programs and scholarships that are available to students to help with the costs. We advise students to do research, talk with school counselors, apply for scholarships, grants and look into financial aid offerings. Be sure to check application deadlines!
Log In: Use PowerSchool login/password (not your email) and click on 'My Colleges' 

SAT/ACT Testing

The ACT and SAT are standardized tests taken, in which the final score is used for college applications/admissions. 
Early and regular assessment of student progress toward college and career readiness enables school and district leaders to measure the growth of individual students as well as groups of students. 

National Merit Scholarship and PSAT

The National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, also known as the PSAT is a helpful indicator of how you'll perform on the SAT while determining your eligibility for a National Merit Scholarship.
The PSAT allows you to understand the standardized test experience. The PSAT scores are not sent to colleges but do determine your eligibility for National Merit Scholarships.
Visit National Merit Scholarship Corporation for more information, student guides, registration information, and application deadlines.

3 Easy steps to apply for college
  • Most applications can be found under the "Future Students" tab
  • Receive a comprehensive list of all MI College application links and requirements by reaching out to your school counselor
  • Schedule an appointment with your school counselor to finalize the paperwork.
  • Secure Transcript™ is provided through Parchment by Docufide, Inc
  • You'll get an email when each transcript is sent, and for colleges that accept transcripts electronically, when they receive it as well.
  • To connect to Parchment, visit
  • If you need to send your transcript to a college, follow these instructions or watch this instructional video.
  • Visit your CollegeBoard account to see where your scores have already been sent.
  • Learn how to send additional score reports. (There is a fee to send additional score reports. Please see your school counselor if you have circumstances that make this financially difficult.)
Can't find your SAT scores in CollegeBoard? Call the CollegeBoard helpdesk to resolve any issues: 866-756-7346.