Marching Band Presents Picasso

2017 Cedar Springs Marching Band Presents “Picasso” - The theme for this year’s marching band show is based on the artist Pablo Picasso.  Picasso’s artwork can be broken in distinct periods and 4 of those periods will be portrayed in the show. We have chosen: Blue, Rose, African, and Cubism.  Each period has a song that represents it. For the Blue Period we are playing “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla. For Rose we are playing a beautiful ballad called “Oblivion”, also by Piazzolla.  For the African Period we are playing an original drum solo by band director Ryan Miller. Finally, for Cubism we are playing “Ride” by Samuel Hazo. Along with marching and playing, large versions of Picasso artwork will also be displayed various ways throughout the show.  The band has already started their competition by taking 3rd at the Rockford Competition, winning the award for Best Percussion.

Marching Band Schedule
Jenison Invitational October 21
Westshore @ Rockford October 28
MCBA State Championships November 4
Please visit for exact performance times.