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Counselor for Students Last Names A-K 
Social Worker
Carl Peckham

Counselor for Students Last Names L-Z

Students are encouraged to access the Guidance Department for assistance regarding personal, social, or academic issues. The Guidance Department also provides assistance with course options and post secondary planning including preparation for the workforce, technical schools and 2-year or 4-year institutions.
Students, if you would like to set up an appointment with your school counselor, use the link below based on your last name. Parents/Guardians, please feel free to contact your child's counselor to set up an appointment.

Important InformationTop of Page

  • Student Orientation
    A packet with important back to school information and dates will be mailed to all students in early August. During the week prior to school, students are assigned a day and time to attend orientation.  Our annual orientation is designed to complete many time-consuming tasks so we can begin the school year without interruptions. Please plan to attend.
  • Schedule Change Policy
    Each year the master schedule is built based on student course requests. Teachers are hired, text books are purchased and rooms assigned based on those requests. Therefore, once the school year begins, students' schedules become final. Please choose all courses, including alternates, with great care and deliberation. Students cannot choose teachers or periods of the day.
  • Testing Out/Placement
    Testing out encourages highly motivated, academically talented students the opportunity to accelerate through the high school curriculum. It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate mastery of course content in a written cumulative exam. Testing Out is an independent option: students must be willing to prepare for approximately 8-week to Test Out of course. Student do not receive classroom instruction or experience. Students must apply in the Guidance Center by the third Monday in May for August testing. Students will pick up a syllabus and book for the Guidance Center on the last day of school.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Guidance and Counseling Department is to help students make the most of their high school years. Students are invited to come to the Counseling Office for help in planning their schedules, learning how to study, resolving personal problems, resolving conflicts and exploring and planning for college and careers.


The American Counseling Association and the American School counselor Association endorse a code of ethics for counselors which includes confidentiality of the counselor/counselee relationship. The school counselors respect the rights and responsibilities of parents for their children and try to establish a cooperative relationship with parents in the best interest of their children.Michigan law requires counselors to report to the appropriate parties (1) suspicion of child abuse or neglect and (2) indications that the student may be a danger to himself or others.