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Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 and Public Act 258 of 2000, created the Post secondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as Dual Enrollment.
This law directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities. The following are some of the eligibility guidelines/standards:

  1. Students in grades 9 through 12 may take up to ten post secondary courses.
  2. Students can qualify for dual enrollment by taking one of the following assessments:
    • PSAT, PLAN, EXPLORE, SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer
    • Click here to view the complete list of scores that help to qualify students for dual enrollment.
  3. 388.155 Rule (2) The acts do not prohibit a district from supporting any pupil regardless of eligibility under these acts. A district may elect to support college level courses or career preparation courses for any pupil if it is in the best interest of the pupil.
  4. Students must be enrolled in both the eligible school (public or private) and eligible post secondary institution during the local school's regular academic year and must be enrolled in at least one high school class.
  5. The college courses cannot be a hobby, craft, or recreation course, or in the subject areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education.
  6. School districts are required to pay an amount equal to the prorated percentage of the statewide pupil-weighted average foundation allowance, based on the proportion of the school year that the eligible student attends the eligible post secondary institution. Eligible charges include tuition and mandatory course fees, material fees, and registration fees required by an eligible institution for enrollment in the course. Eligible charges do not include transportation or parking costs or activity fees.

Links to Additional Paperwork for Common Dual Enrollment CollegesTop of Page

Grand Rapids Community College
Cornerstone University
Application: https://www.cornerstone.edu/apply/traditional-undergraduate/ (Select "Dual Enrollment Application)
Aquinas College
Davenport University
Authorization Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5Fj7ZWsnUUPj3IzLM-0Z3C6m_RxERDl-qEtjOIt-j_IyVoQ/viewform 
Montcalm Community College Application and Form:
Ferris State University Application and Form:
Grand Valley State University:

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If you need to send your transcript to a college, please follow these instructions.
You can also watch this instructional video.

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* Please pick up Purple Paper in Academic Services. This is the final item needed to complete your dual enrollment process. This is a legal document for payment for course and needs to be accurately completed.