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Sheri Whipple
Community Service Assistant
(616) 696-1200 x1438 
The Cedar Springs Public Schools Student Volunteer Program offers opportunities for you to become directly involved in helping those around us. Student volunteers contribute time and energy to address social issues and to improve conditions in the community. Our program strives to increase student learning and awareness.
NOTE:  All student community service must be performed before school, after school, during lunch period or on weekends, holidays or vacations. No credit will be given for volunteering during school.
Request student volunteers:  If your group or club is in need of student volunteers, please contact the Community Service Assistant. Provide detailed information regarding the event and requirements of the volunteers and every effort will be made to fill the request.


Why Volunteer? Do it for others - Volunteering your time & energy benefits everyone in our community.  It develops interaction among all groups of people, provides aid to those in need, enhances aspects of our community and produces feelings of hope and satisfaction in others. Do it for you - Get involved, have fun and meet new people. Gain satisfaction from your accomplishment. Learn about yourself and your interests while learning new skills. Volunteering in an area of interest can help you decide what your future occupation may be. It gives you hands-on experience during which you can gain knowledge about certain areas of study.

Recognition:  Students who complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service work throughout their high school career will receive an endorsement on his or her transcript. This transcript notation is important when filling out college applications, scholarship forms and job resumes.

The CSHS Community Service Award is presented each spring to the graduating senior who has contributed the most volunteer hours throughout high school.


How To Get Involved:  To find volunteer opportunities: Stop by the Community Service office to pick up a list of opportunities. Information may also be found on the district website, school bulletin boards and through daily announcements.

Register as a volunteer:  (registration is NOT required) Students may register to volunteer. If you are looking for a specific type of volunteer opportunity, download the Request to Volunteer form, complete it and return it to the Community Service office. Students will be notified in person or via e-mail when an opportunity to volunteer is available that fits their request. 

Record volunteer hours:  Pick up/download and drop off Volunteer Verification Forms at the Main office to have your hours recorded. Forms must be signed and verified in order to receive credit.

National Honor Society Students:  Please use the National Honor Society Tutoring form to verify tutoring hours.


What Is Volunteering? Volunteering is work done without pay or recognition to help improve, in any respect the community to which we all belong. Volunteer work can be done by anyone through a community group, a church, a community center, a hospital, a school district, the Student Volunteer Program service projects, or other local charities.