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Everyone knows that the core of education is within the academic curriculum, but extra-curricular activities are vital in teaching the basics in not only surviving life but finding a life that's abundantly blessed. The key to success later on in life has everything to do with a balanced high school experience, which includes those activities beyond math or biology class.

Clubs offer you a lot of knowledge and experience in just about any field of study or subject you are passionate about.
Top 10 reasons to join student clubs and organizations:
  • Extra Curricular:  They look great on applications/resumes
  • Networking:  You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other people with similar interests
  • Promote Awareness:  They help promote education and awareness about the field/subject
  • Assistance:  They give you the opportunity to give or receive assistance in classes in the fields that you study
  • Volunteer:  For philanthropic reasons
  • Brotherhood:  Being a member automatically gives you a feeling of closeness to other members, you share something that other people are not a part of.
  • Enrichment:  Being part of a student ran club or organization is an enriching experience. You owe it to yourself to at least try them out.
  • Exposure:  They expose you to real life experiences in the fields/subjects you are interested in.
  • Growth:  Members in clubs/organizations will be encouraging and supportive of your personal growth.
  • Social:  They are a great way to meet great people and have a lot of fun