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The Student Council represents the student government of their class. The council consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three representatives comprise the remainder of the council. Any student is eligible to run as an officer or representative, but must follow guidelines set by the Student Senate advisor. The Student Council positions are a one-year term.

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2016- 2017 Cedar Springs High School Student CouncilTop of Page

Executive Board
President:  Anna Behrenwald
VP:  Makenna Willea
Secretary:  Madelyn McConnon
Publicity & Relations:  Leslie Hansen
Jacob Outwin
Kaley Louck
Hawk Shop:  Sarah Kiander
Nicole Kukla
Senior Class
President:  Kaitlyn Coons
VP:  Mackenna Darline
Secretary:  Bailey Lachient
Senior Rep/Publicity:  Kaylee Tennant
Junior Class
President:  Myla Umphrey
VP:  Thomas Metiva
Junior Rep/Publicity:  Autumn Hinton
Sophomore Class
President:  Katie Levandowski
VP:  Katelyn Grove
Secretary:  Sarah Galloway
Sophomore Rep/Publicity:  Reganne King 
Freshman Class
President:  Lauren Behrenwald
VP:  Nathaniel Hackbardt
Secretary:  Alyssa Washington
Freshman Rep/Publicity:  Matthew Reed

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