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It's a great day to be a Red Hawk!  My name is John Norton and I am excited to introduce myself to you as your new District Athletic Director.  I come to Cedar Springs with a Masters Degree in Athletic Administration from Central Michigan University, 14 years of Athletic Administration experience, and numerous years of coaching various sports through the years. Most importantly, I come to Cedar with a passion for interscholastic athletics.  I am excited to jump right in and begin working with the fine coaches and student-athletes here at Cedar Springs.  
Personally, I am married with three children.  Elsie, age 12, Charlie, age 9 and Henry, age 4.  We are all excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with the Cedar Springs School District.
My desire is to get to know as many of the students and parents as possible.  I am excited for the opportunities, and ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead with this position.  Should you need to reach me, I am available at 616-696-9080 or by email at  I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible, thanks and GO RED HAWKS!
John Norton
District Athletic Director
(616) 696-9080
Dana Hilyer
Athletic Secretary
(616) 696-9080 
 Mark Garnaat
Athletic Trainer
(269) 998-6840

Winter Coaches

Girl's Varsity Basketball:  Coach Brandon Miller
Girl's JV Basketball:  Coach Jacob Holtrop
Girl's FR Basketball Coach:  Coach Tiffany Karger
Boy's Varsity Basketball:  Coach Jeff Patin
Boy's Varsity Basketball Asst:  Coach Ian Pratt
Boy's JV Basketball:  Coach Scott Taylor
Boy's JV Basketball Asst:  Coach Nic Wolfe
Boy's FR Basketball:  Coach Tim Evans
 Boy's Varsity Wrestling:  Coach Nick Emery
Boys' Varsity Wrestling Asst:  Lonnie Armstrong
Boy's & Girl's Varsity Bowling:  Coach Tim Jackson
Girl's Varsity Competitive Cheer:  Coach Anna Olszewski
Girl's Varsity Competitive Cheer Asst:  Coach Abbey Olszewski
Girl's JV Competitive Cheer:  Coach Katherine Baird
Hockey Team:  Coach Mike Moss

Spring Coaches

Girl's Varsity Softball:  Coach Heidi Walburg
Girl's JV Softball:  Coach Allison DeBoer
Boy's Varsity Baseball:  Coach Michael Schaub
Boy's JV Baseball:  Coach Tyson Hoffman
Boy's FR Baseball:  Coach 
Girl's Varsity Soccer:  Coach Justin Harnden
Girl's JV Soccer:  Coach Chris Painter
Boy's Varsity Golf:  Coach Dave Schlump
Boy's JV Golf:  Coach Glen London
Girl's Varsity Tennis: Coach Ed Russel
Girl's JV Tennis:  Coach Eddie Johns
Boy's Track: Coach Jeff Brazier
Girl's Track:  Coach Rob Neier

Fall Coaches

Girl's Varsity Cheer Team:  Coach Anna Olszewski
Girl's JV Cheer Team:  Coach Katy Baird
Boy's Cross Country:  Coach Garrett Lacey
Girl's Cross Country:  Coach Marie Covey
Boy's Varsity Football:  Coach Gus Kapolka
Boy's Varsity Football Asst:  Coaches Sam Glass, Kevin Martens, Jeff Myers
Boy's JV Football:  Coach Ryan Gigowski
Boy's FR Football:  Coach Bill Johnston
Girl's Varsity Golf:  Coach Glen London
Girl's JV Golf:  Coach Roger Carr
Boy's Varsity Soccer:  Coach Kyle Avink
Boy's JV Soccer:  Coach 
Boy's Varsity Tennis:  Coach 
Girl's Varsity Volleyball:  Coach Ashley Reynolds
Girl's JV Volleyball:  Coach Ashley Fisher
Girl's FR Volleyball:  Coach Ashly Ott