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Sports Physicals

General Requirements

  • Each participant must pass a physical examination and have it on file in the office before participation
  • Each participant must meet academic eligibility requirements
  • Students must pay a participation fee of $100 per year (regardless of the number of sports the student plays)      

Participation Fee

To play sports, there is a $100 fee that covers all sports for the school year.  Arrangements can be made in regards to this fee (payment plan, work contract).  See Mrs. Hilyer in the Athletic Office regarding this fee.



A message from the AD regarding $100 athletic-participation fee:

Attention Student-Athletes and Parents: Starting this year we are "cracking down" on the students who are signing-up, and filling out contracts, to "work off" their $100 pay-to-play athletic fee (that $100 fee is good for all sports for the full school year).

Unlike most of the school districts around, we have managed to keep our athletic fee from going up for many years now. We are also extremely flexible in working with parents and setting up a payment plan that works for your families financial situation. And finally, the ability to "work off" the fee is a unique way we are able to help student-athletes not miss out on the opportunity to play just because of money.

With all this said, I did mention to all the students yesterday at orientation, and now I want to communicate it to you as parents, that they need to "plan ahead" for this fee. Plan ahead by starting now to save money as a family toward this fee....plan ahead by starting a payment plan now that will help you cover the fee by the end of the school year.....or plan ahead by signing a work contract NOW to work your hours that will cover the fee. If you are in a Spring or Winter Sport, the time to work off your fee is NOW, not while you are in season. See Mrs. Hilyer in the main/athletic office to get signed up to work.

Finally, we will be starting a consequence next year for students who do not plan ahead, and do not take care of this monetary obligation, whether it be by not paying, or by not working the appropriate hours.

Basically, all balances are tracked, and carry over from year to year. If you have an athletic fee balance at the end of this school year, for whatever reason, that balance from this year will need to be paid in full before you can even start playing a sport next year. Additionally, you will not be able to do a worker contract for next year, you will be required to make the $100 payment.

Our plan is very flexible and very fair to all families, regardless of their level of income. With that said, we can not allow the system to be taken advantage of anymore.

Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions, please contact me at



To participate in an athletic contest or practice an athlete must be in school for the entire day. Any deviations to this rule must be cleared by the principal or athletic director prior to the absence. Students that miss one or more class periods in a day, without prior clearance will not be allowed to practice or play in a contest scheduled that day. Extenuating circumstances will be addressed by administration on a case-by-case basis.
In School & Out of School Suspension and Participation:
Students who have been assigned an in-school or out of school suspension for disciplinary reasons (example: skipping school, fighting, smoking, etc.) are not to practice or participate in athletic competition of any kind until their first full day back to classes.

Academic Eligibility

Cedar Springs High School Academic Eligibility
Weekly -
Grade monitoring will be conducted by the athletic department on Friday of each week. Any student who receives one (1) F on their weekly check will be placed on probation for one week (Monday through the next week Saturday). Any student who has been on probation for one week and continues to receives one (1) F on their weekly check will be placed ineligible for one week (Monday through the next week Saturday).

All athletes will be notified and a summary of the weekly check will be forwarded to all in-season coaches and the athletes teachers. Teachers will be required to have grades updated by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday and will be encouraged to report on any athlete who is struggling or having behavior problems. All students will be encouraged to arrange with staff members extra study sessions before school, at lunch or after school.  

Semester Requirements –
Cedar Springs High School requires that all students must have earned credit in five (5) out of six (6) classes from the previous semester to be eligible for the current semester. In addition, Cedar Springs High School requires that all students attain a minimum C- (1.67) grade point average in the previous semester in order to be eligible for the current semester. If a student fails to meet these requirements they will become ineligible for the next semester

Appeals Process - for extenuating circumstances . . . a student may submit an appeal. A committee (Athletic Director, High School Principal and Counselor) will review all applicants.

Students/Parents have the right to appeal the 1.67 GPA rule their academic ineligibility if they have passed 5 out of the 6 classes. Students who have sub 1.67 GPAs will be notified. Letters of appeal from the parent or guardian should be turned in to the high school principal or the athletic director within two (2) weeks of the semester ending.

Training Rules

Training Rules and Violations
  1. Training rules are in effect from the first day of practice that begins his/her athletic career until the end of his/her athletic career and are enforced 365 days a year.
  2. The penalties for violations of the training rules are as follows:
    1st OFFENSE
    —30% of the regularly scheduled games or contest dates of that sport(s). Self-reporting clause: In an attempt to encourage honesty, any student athlete who self-reports an athletic code violation prior to an investigation and is helpful with any follow-up to that incident, will have their first offense penalty reduced to 20% of the regularly scheduled games or contest dates of that sport(s).
    2nd OFFENSE
    —60% of the regularly scheduled games or contest dates of that sport.
    3rd OFFENSE
    —Dismissal from the athletic program for the remainder of that students high school career.
  3. If less than the required percentage of games is left during the season in which the infraction occurs, the remainder of the penalty will carry over to the next season in which the student participates.
  4. During the period of suspension, unless an athlete has been suspended from school, the individual or individuals are required to practice every night and to be in attendance at all contest dates during this period on the bench as a spectator not dressed in uniform and/or given a task assigned by the coach.
  5. For any athlete who is found to have possessed or used alcohol or drugs, counseling is strongly recommended.
  6. The number of contest dates to be missed by an athlete in violation of the training rules is calculated by taking the number of contest dates or meets scheduled and multiplying by the percentage factor of the violation. Calculations which end in .4 or below are rounded down, .5 are rounded up.
  7. Any athlete that does not complete the season in good standing will forfeit all rights and privileges to be part of the team (including served suspension time) and rights to any previously earned awards. (Letter, Certificates, etc.)
Conduct Unbecoming an Athlete
Conduct in and out of school shall bring no discredit to the athletes, parents, school, or team. Any conduct considered unbecoming an athlete will fall under the same training rule violations as the 10 substance abuse policy. Examples of conduct unbecoming an athlete are as follows, the list not being inclusive: stealing, retail fraud, abusing/destroying/defacing school property, any felony convictions, disrespect for authority, and persistent classroom misconduct.