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ALCThe Cedar Springs High School Athletic Leadership Council (ALC) is on a mission to unite the students, staff, and community and spread the Red Hawk Pride.  The Athletic Leadership Council (ALC) was formed at the start of the school year and consists of thirty High School Athletes in grades 9-12 from varying athletic teams.
 Students and Staff have shown their pride by wearing Red Hawk Pride bracelets, jerseys, and participated in Red Hawk pride days. The students organized a student cheer section and have increased attendance at athletic events.  Local businesses have also supported the ALC mission by sharing posters and flyers advertising athletic events. The Cedar Springs Fire Department escorted the cross country, football, and soccer team buses back to school after their successful seasons.
The ALC is practicing what they preach by making an effort to support each other and attend each team’s athletic events. One member of the football team commented that after witnessing the determination of the cross country team he was inspired to work harder and display that same determination on his own team.   One of the greatest impacts brought forth by the ALC was the Red Hawk Kids Club. The ALC members inspired elementary students to uphold the core values of the Red Hawk Creed while the elementary students taught the High School students the meaning behind the term “role model.”   Although the ALC set out with a simple task of creating more Red Hawk pride, they have accomplished more than they expected. They have united students, staff, and community. They have impacted lives and learned lifelong lessons of respect, responsibility, patience, and equality.
They are an inspiration. They are Red Hawks.

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