Maggie Prins
Girls Basketball
Blake Hammer
Sarah Adkison
Competitive Cheer
Maggie is a team captain and second leading scorer on our team.  Averaging 7.2 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.5 steals a game while consistently drawing the opposing team’s top player on defense.  Maggie has really embraced her role on the defensive end and has shown a great deal of confidence offensively this season as well.

Blake is extremely accountable and has been at each practice and team function. He always has a plan and a great attitude. He is a fantastic teammate, very coachable and likes to read. Blake plans on becoming an entrepreneur and running his own business.
 Sarah has overcome huge obstacles this year. Sarah has learned a new stunt position and is stunting at an advanced level. She is competing in all three rounds, she is 100% invested and is a HUGE part of our team’s success so far this season."  
Katelyn Paige
Katelyn Paige is a 4 year varsity bowler. She has been working hard each year to be a better bowler. Last season she placed 3rd in conference with a 172.5 missing 2nd place by 1/2 point. She is very passionate about her team and helping it get back to state this year. .She has big dreams and I know she will succeed.  
Clifford Ranger
 Cliff is in his second year bowling on the team. This is first year on our "A" Team. He has made the team better in the last few matches. He was the key person in our tournament win at the Wyoming Invitational. He has taken the role of leadoff bowler and made it his own. He has been getting us off to good starts in all of our matches. 
Bryce Marvel
Boys Basketball
 Bryce has developed into a complete player. He has averaged 20 points per game, 5 rebounds and a block a game. Bryce has really opened up the floor for his fellow teammates while giving opponents a challenge when trying to match up with him. He is very capable inside post player as well as a perimeter player.  His ability to balance athletics and academics shows his commitment to being a student athlete.