District Wide Broadcast Message

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Building Schedule

Daily Bell Schedule    Early Release Bell Schedule  
1st hour   7:37 am -8:37 am    1st hour   7:37 am - 8:17 am  
 2nd hour  8:42 am - 9:42 am   2nd hour   8:22 am - 9:02 am  
 3rd hour   9:47 am -10:47 am   3rd hour   9:07 am - 9:47 am  
  4th hour   9:52 am - 10:32 am  
 A Lunch  10:47 am -11:17 am      
 4th hour  11:22 am -12:22 pm   A Lunch: 10:32 am - 11:02 am  
    5th hour  11:07 am - 11:47 am  
 4th Hour: 10:52 am -11:52 am      
 B Lunch:  11:52 am -12:22 pm   5th hour   10:37 am - 11:17 am  
B Lunch: 11:17 am - 11:47 am
 5th hour  12:27  pm - 1:27 pm    
 6th hour  1:32 pm - 2:32 pm   6th hour: 11:52 am - 12:32 pm  

2-Hour Delay Bell Schedule

Advisory Early Release Day Schedule

1st hour   9:37 am - 10:17 am   1st hour   7:37 am - 8:11 am  
2nd hour   10:22 am - 11:02 am   2nd hour  8:16 am - 8:50 am  

  3rd hour   8:55 am - 9:29 am  
A Lunch   11:02 am - 11:32 am   4th hour   9:34 am - 10:08 am  
3rd hour   11:37 am - 12:17 pm   Advisory 10:13 am - 10:43 am  
3rd hour   11:07 am - 11:47 am   A Lunch  10:43 am - 11:13 am  
B Lunch   11:47 am - 12:17 pm   5th hour   11:18 am - 11:52 am  
4th hour   12:22 pm - 1:02 pm   5th hour  10:48 am - 11:22 am  
5th hour   1:07 pm - 1:47 pm   B Lunch  11:22 am - 11:52 am  
6th hour   1:52 pm - 2:32 pm      
    6th hour   11:57 am - 12:32 pm  


Start Time:  7:37 AM
End Time:  2:32 PM
2 Hour Early Release Dismissal:  12:32 PM


Can I come in and decorate my son/daughter's locker?
Yes, however it must be pre-approved by administration. Please be sure to use painter's tape. 

Can I send flowers to my child at school?
Yes, however, deliveries are not made to the classroom. A note will be sent to the student. They will have to leave the delivery in the office or in their locker until the end of the day. 

REMINDER:  Latex balloons are no longer allowed in school. Mylar balloons are acceptable. 

Can I get messages to my student?
Yes, preferably emergencies only. If a student needs to leave during school hours for an appointment, please send a note with the student or call in the day before so the student can stop at the office before school starts and get their pass. 

Can a student use their cell phone at school?
 Students may use personal communication devices (PCDs) before and after school, during their lunch break, in between classes as long as they do not create a distraction, disruption or otherwise interfere with the educational environment.  CSHS will use the following process to communicate to students the expectations in their classroom in regards to Electronic Devices:  Green light classroom: PCDs are allowed by the classroom teacher based on the lesson or curriculum for that course.  Yellow light classroom:  PCDs are regulated by the classroom teacher based on curriculum for the day's lesson.  The teacher will communicate classroom expectations clearly to the student at the beginning of the class period.  Red light classroom:  PCDs are not permitted by the classroom teacher, based on lesson or curriculum for the course.  (There are consequences if students do not follow these rules.  Please see student handbook for detailed information pages 19.)  

When is graduation?
It will be held at Red Hawk Stadium (weather permitting) on June 1, 2017 at 7:00 pm